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14Dayz beta invite

February 28, 2006 |


Soon, we will start with limited private beta testing of our latest product. 14Dayz is a "Simplest thing that could possibly work" web based time registration and reporting tool. It is a Web 2.0 application featuring AJAX technologies. 14Dayz uses prototype and scriptaculous to enrich the user experience. Some of the features are:

  • Day by day time sheets
  • Background save time sheets
  • Drag and drop categories
  • Export reports to PDF and Excel
  • No user limit
  • Free and paid plans available
  • Free one month trial

You can sign up to be notified when 14Dayz is ready. There is some space left for a few beta testers who are willing to share their experiences and help us improve the product as it is going into production.

Selected beta testers get a 50% discount on any plan bought during beta testing phase for life!
So join 14Dayz and get invited now!


Sciptaculous Effect display: hidden reminder

February 27, 2006 |

In scriptaculous, when you use the appear and fade or other effects, remember to set the display style property inside the HTML tag and *NOT* in the stylesheet.

Not like this:
#thanks {
    background: url('images/thanks.gif') no-repeat;
    display: hidden;
<div id='thanks'></div>
But like this:
#thanks {
    background: url('images/thanks.gif') no-repeat;
<div id='thanks' style='display: none;'></div>


Prototype Cheat Sheet PDF

February 21, 2006 |


Jonathan Snook has invested time in disecting the latest Prototype Javascript libraries, which are notorious for their lack of documentation. He has learned a lot about the libraries and created some nice Prototype Cheat Sheets. Check Jonathan's blog here. In an update Jonathan requests that someone create a PDF version of his cheat sheets. Well, here you go;

icon.pdf.gif Download Prototype Cheat Sheet

There's a lot of references to documentation on as well and here's a link to the unofficial prototype reference.



February 17, 2006 |


As with all games there is winning and there is loosing. Not that any other countries' speed skating team would call getting the bronze medal on the speed skating team pursuit loosing. The Dutch team were the absolute favourites. They knew they had the strongest skaters. The coach could line up any combination of athletes and still have a team of winners. Then disaster strikes as silver medallist Sven Kramer steps on a block and takes a fall.

Such a small thing to come between you and victory. And sometimes that is just the way things happen. You fight against such things. Like we do. We look at every little detail and try to get it perfect. If we see room for improvement and if we think it can matter, we dig into it. However small. And still bad things happen. Bad luck.

Then do like the Dutch team did. Keep going. Keep your head up and try again. Even in the face of the huge dissapointment they had to swallow, the Dutch skaters dicide to take home the max of what that they can get: The Olympic Bronze Medal. Well done.



February 12, 2006 |


Today to everyone's surprise, including her own, on the 3000 m speed skating in Torino, Ireen Wüst is the first Dutch athlete to take the Gold medal on the 2006 winter olympics.



A nice AJAX throbber for you

February 11, 2006 |

Here's a nice AJAX throbber that I made. I have no particular use for it just now. The throbber is based on the zebra pattern in Photoshop. Some bevel and a lens flare make it look a bit like a marble. The movement is supposed to be that of a marble rolling in different directions. Remember Marble Madness? It is hard to capture that motion in Image Ready. For it to look like a real marble it needs smoother transition of movement in different directions. Like the sinoidal transition in scriptaculous. Image Ready knows only about linear transitions. Still, I think it's quite nice and I hope someone finds some good use for it.


Share and Enjoy!

The animated B4AzebraThrobber.gif image above is licenced under the creative commons licence. You can use it anywhere you like, edit and modify it, as long as you share your modifcations under the same licence. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Creative Commons License


World Party

February 10, 2006 |


Like billions of others tonight, our family has been watching the opening ceremony of the 2006 winter olympics in Torino, Italy. What a spectacular event! So well organised, and yet it made me feel free and happy. The effort that has gone into it was clearly tremendous. We all loved the flaming ice skaters. As the commentors said: "They are something of a diversion in between the important elements of the show." Yeah! In a way our products are like that. When they are working for you, they help you do your job. Well organised, yet they make you feel free and happy. And in between important elements you are having fun and you enjoy yourself. Why does work have to be tedious? These athletes are going to work, and they're having a good time or so it seems.

It was good to see so many high spirited athletes from counties all over the world. I found their excitement and enthousiasm contagious and it felt good to see that each and every person radiated the knowledge that they were part of something special; like a world party! Where taking part, and being there, is more important than winning.



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