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A nice AJAX throbber for you

February 11, 2006 |

Here's a nice AJAX throbber that I made. I have no particular use for it just now. The throbber is based on the zebra pattern in Photoshop. Some bevel and a lens flare make it look a bit like a marble. The movement is supposed to be that of a marble rolling in different directions. Remember Marble Madness? It is hard to capture that motion in Image Ready. For it to look like a real marble it needs smoother transition of movement in different directions. Like the sinoidal transition in scriptaculous. Image Ready knows only about linear transitions. Still, I think it's quite nice and I hope someone finds some good use for it.


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The animated B4AzebraThrobber.gif image above is licenced under the creative commons licence. You can use it anywhere you like, edit and modify it, as long as you share your modifcations under the same licence. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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