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World Party

February 10, 2006 |


Like billions of others tonight, our family has been watching the opening ceremony of the 2006 winter olympics in Torino, Italy. What a spectacular event! So well organised, and yet it made me feel free and happy. The effort that has gone into it was clearly tremendous. We all loved the flaming ice skaters. As the commentors said: "They are something of a diversion in between the important elements of the show." Yeah! In a way our products are like that. When they are working for you, they help you do your job. Well organised, yet they make you feel free and happy. And in between important elements you are having fun and you enjoy yourself. Why does work have to be tedious? These athletes are going to work, and they're having a good time or so it seems.

It was good to see so many high spirited athletes from counties all over the world. I found their excitement and enthousiasm contagious and it felt good to see that each and every person radiated the knowledge that they were part of something special; like a world party! Where taking part, and being there, is more important than winning.



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