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Facebook watcher says "Complexity kills"

August 24, 2007 |

In a recent article "The Facebook economy" in Business 2.0 Magazine Lindsay Blakely and Michael Copeland write about the impact of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg telling a crowd of developers in San Francisco what they had been dying to hear:

"Right now, social networks are closed platforms," Zuckerberg told the assembled entrepreneurs. "Today we are going to end that."

This opened the door for third party developers to develop, deploy and exploit their applications on the highly successful facebook social network.

Jesse Farmer who keeps track of how well and viral facebook applications are doing on Appaholic is quoted to say:

One attribute that's death to an app is complexity. Facebook and all its homegrown applications are relatively simple; those who create something that requires too much thought or explanation quickly run into trouble.

Appaholic recently got acquired by Altura Ventures, if only to prove a point. Right now, even applications that keep track of facebook applications seem to be valuable...


Out in the wild: Virtual businesses

August 20, 2007 |

Anita Campbell, the long time enthusiastic host of Small Business Radio writes about: “What it means to be a virtual business”.

…virtual small businesses do not look like smaller versions of large corporations. Instead, they’re more like ad hoc composites of people coming together temporarily for a common purpose. There’s a fluidity to the business structure. It’s hard to put your finger on where the business is located. In fact, location ceases to be important…

Interesting to see how technology helps more businesses to embrace and thrive by application of this concept. Brains4All is proud to provide simple tools to help virtual businesses excel, tools for groups of loosely connected individuals that collaborate on a professional basis. 14Dayz for example is great for teams that are geographically distributed and still need a central place for logging their hours.

Check out the archive of Past Shows at Small Business Radio for a wealth of valuable tips and advice for small businesses on marketing, sales, tools and more. I love Anita's show, she's such a passionate host!


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