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PayPal language codes are warped

April 22, 2008 |

It turns out PayPal has changed the way language codes are working when you send a customer to make a payment. We've got it fixed now in 14Dayz so if you experienced a strange foreign language, that was PayPal on the fritz.

To help some fellow developers in the future who are wondering why is PayPal displaying the payment screen in the wrong language here is the missing documentation.

PayPal now uses country codes instead of language codes. Which is basically a false assumption by PayPal. It is often made by developers. In lots of countries two or more languages are spoken. Some countries even have two or more official languages.

PayPal uses the url parameter lc (language code)
lc =

These are now country codes, before they used to be language codes so setting the English language would be done by putting lc=en. Now to set it to English just use lc=US for US residents or lc=GB for people from the United Kingdom. This will also pre-select the country in the pull down menu for your customer, so it's not all bad. :)
Also, it seems they now need the code to be in upper case where as before lower case seemed to work fine. Hope this helps.


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