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14Dayz Scheduled Maintenance

May 27, 2008 |

Notice: Maintenance is scheduled to take place on Saturday May 31th between 10:00 pm and Sunday June 1st 4:00 am GMT. We apologize for the inconvenience. The last scheduled maintenance was almost 2 years ago, when in August 2006 we moved 14Dayz to new hardware and a new data center. Please check here for updates on our progress and background information.

Update: Maintenance has been completed
Please let us know at if you have any problems.

This release addresses:
- Increased internal accuracy of the application
- Increased consistency between the UI and the back end
- Decreased number of background http requests needed in the time sheet
- Various minor issues

Thanks for your patience, we hope you continue to enjoy Simple web based on-line time tracking with 14Dayz.


You've got 40 seconds...

May 23, 2008 |


This is a Doeo. Doeos are sneaky, pink and square little things that have the tendency to appear suddenly in unexpected places. They disappear just as suddenly and as quickly and for no apparent reason whatsoever. Doeos are quick, nimble, cheerful and of course utterly evil.

In this action packed and spectacular game by Raitendo your objective is to gather 100 Doeos in 40 seconds over 5 splendidly designed levels until you find and capture the Doeo King (Apparently they have a King) and finally put an end to the madness.

To gather a Doeo, just touch it with the mouse pointer. This is a fun game to help you improve your hand/eye coordination and mousing skills. Important for any professional takes their on-line presence seriously. (Okay, okay, you got me; it's just an excuse to play a game on Friday :)

Mouse over the Doeo below and find the Play button to start the game.

Playing tip: You don;t have to click the Doeos, just touching them with the mouse is enough...


Anyway, cheers and thanks to Marcus Richert for this well Designed and very original game! Happy Weekend!


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