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A walk in the city

October 6, 2008 |

Gerard Goudriaan, Ruud van Soest en Bert Franssen are city enthusiasts and journalists, who'd love nothing more then to take you on a tour of our beautiful countries capital, Amsterdam.

The city center is one of the really highlights of Europe. Amsterdam was in the 17th century a world power in itself, and the unbelievable riches at that time resulted in a marvelous and large old city center, very well preserved and still to enjoy. A walk runs from the medieval center, pieces of the old city wall, along the famous canals, China town, the former Jewish district, not to mention a bit of the famous Red Light District.

3stegen200.jpg damrak200.jpg oostindisch200.jpg oudewaal200.jpg

As a matter of fact, Amsterdam is an impossible city. Around 1200 the piece of land was a swamp, everything sunk in the mud. An almost inaccessible harbor. No direct connection with the North Sea - which was not realized until the 19th century. Nevertheless Amsterdam became one of the most important cities in the world, a major science and cultural center. Since 1650 Amsterdam with 200.000 inhabitants was the third largest city in Europe, after London and Paris. How could that happen?

During the walk you learn about key aspects of the history of the city, while walking along the highlights. They do not tell 'everything'. Their guiding is "light", but highly competent! With explanations about what you really see.

Guided walks Amsterdam.
Guided tour of the Amsterdam Medieval Center.


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