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Upgrading 14Dayz

November 27, 2010 |

The latest blog entry for Brain Blog was about a year ago.
This does not mean there is nothing going on within 14Dayz. On the contrary 14Dayz is super alive and thousands of users are satisfied by using 14Dayz for there daily time tracking and sending bills to there customers.

In the meantime we of Brains4All have renewed our hardware and infrastructure. So that we are able to handle the constantly growth of the amount of users from 14Dayz.
The last thing we just had accomplished was upgrading the development platform and the system software.

Within this release we have also fulfilled several great wishes from our users.

For instance the pdf – reports are totally customized for every team. On the top of every report you will find your team name on the left and your business logo on the right side of every page.

Now we are implementing some user stories, but we are soon back with some great new features.

Let us know what your most wanted feature is and we are listening to our customers and will implement it in one of the upcoming releases.

Thank you for being a loyal user of 14Dayz.


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