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What people are saying...


What people are saying about 14Dayz...

Our beta tester crowd consists of the most amazing people. People from all over the world who are playing a pivotal role in the evolution of 14Dayz into the simple and useful application it has become. And we’re not stopping now or slowing down, no sir! We’re just picking up the pace. All the great feedback we’re getting from you motivates us even stronger. We will push just a little bit harder after every wonderful comment. To give you the simplest and most valuable service we possible can.

Here is a selection of the most praising feedback our beta testers have bestowed upon us;

    “I’m really happy to see the improvements on this new release. Thank you very much [...] it’s awesome.”

    “The site and application look terrific.”
    Scott Maggelet, Independent contractor

    “Its a cool serivce.”

    “I think the design is very clean, and the use of AJAX-type interaction is very nice. They certainly did do the job well, and they represent timesheets nicely. I think people will like it”
    David Seah, Productivity Master and freelance New Media Developer

    “Thanks. Looks interesting and I like your philosophy.”
    Jon Leland, president & creative director ComBridges

    “I’m using 14dayz for almost 5 days and it’s awesome. I was looking for a simple solution like that a long time ago. Thank you very much”
    Rodrigo Franco

    “I am very impressed with your product! Here’s what I liked/loved about it:

    - Dashboard: Wow. Very Clean. Very Simply.
    - Timesheet functionality: It acts like I expected it to (like a spreadsheet).
    - Love the way new categories are created!
    - Reports: Extremely organized, functional interface to deliver the data to the user. Love the exports for PDF and Excel!

    Keep up the great work!!!”
    Kevin Old

    “It does one thing, and well: time tracking.”
    Michael Arrington, TechCrunch

    “This is super simple. My grandmum could use it.”
    Saul Weiner, A Zulu in Sillicon Valley

    “I think your application is tremendous.”
    Henk van de Goor, Project Manager

    “Keep up the great work. Your UI looks great.”
    Larry Velez

    “Looks pretty nice so far.”
    Ronald The, Freelance Designer

    “The user interface of just dropped me completely off my chair. What a marvelous piece of technology and simplicity!! My compliments.”
    Jan van der Meer, Internet Developer INOXA

    “I like it, it’s pretty cool!”
    Raoul Pop, Healthcare Executive and Business Consultant

    “Thanks [...] for a very handy tool!”
    Rene Verhagen, Netserve

    “Looks great guys… a day early and everything. Keep up the good work.”
    John Philip Green, Married Inc

    “Attention Freelancers: Border-crossing time registration service…”
    Tim Bakkum, Nieuwe Revu

Thank you all for your kind words.

A special debt of gratitude should go out to these dedicated testers that have worked closely with the team to help improve 14Dayz. They are commended here because they have invested their time and often their professional insights and expertise to the benefit of every current and future user of the system: David, Raoul, Rodrigo, Rene, Steven, Stephen, Jon, Peter, Serge, Scott, Saul, Marco, Justin, Joel and Arthur. Thank you for your continued constructive criticism and positive feedback. You have gone way beyond the call of duty. You are wonderful persons! We feel privileged to work for you.

To all beta testers currently involved; Keep up the great work! We would welcome some feedback on the planning of next week’s iteration.

If you’d like to become part of this wonderful team of beta testers or if you’d like to be notified when 14Dayz is ready for public release; please leave your email over at




There has been a lot of buzz for 14dayz around the net since we started our beta. Check it out, the good, the bad and the ugly. We have no secrets.


This one is the greatest compliments one could ever get.

Thank you all for mentioning us. Even the critics. We learn the most from you.


Saul Weiners' web 2.0 blog


Saul Weiner, who by the way runs a great blog about web 2.0 which I think you should check out, writes a short entry where he is comparing our upcoming product 14Dayz to Tadalist. Well.., in some ways 14Dayz is not like tadalist.

First of all 14Dayz is not a completely free product. It sports an always free plan for personal use and allows for free trials of each of the commercial plans. Second; 14Dayz is not a todo list, nor does it have one. Tadalist is about the future, stuff you are planning to get to eventually. 14Dayz is about "what really happened while you were making other plans." Sure, you can click the box and have that satisfied feeling of fulfillment of getting things done. However plans change (if they're good ones) and I always have to prioritize what I need to do over what I want to do over what would be nice to do. Also I find that I always end up doing stuff I hadn't planned on doing at all! Stuff that wasn't in my to do list. Still I write that up in 14Dayz. That allows me to review what I've done and how I spend my time. It also enables me to get paid, which allows me to pay for all the other things I need to do, like fixing our house.

In other ways 14Dayz is a lot like Tadalist and that is perhaps what Saul is referring to. 14Dayz is a simple web application. 14Dayz is easy to use. Why? How?

The core technology of 14Dayz has been built to help lawyers comply to recent Dutch legislation for time tracking in bankruptcies. So it is not a new app. It's a mesh up :). During development we have been working closely with lawyers (as in sitting next to...) and their secretaries to perfect the system. Because of the target audience, which was not very technical, we had to keep the application as simple as possible. And because secretaries often log the lawyers hours, data entry had to be fast. So we've worked with the secretaries to make it fast. We've worked with the lawyers and examined the way lawyers enter data and made it easy. After launch we've had a steady flow of requests to implement time tracking for other applications and wider fields of use as well. 14Dayz is that product. And that is why we believe 14Dayz is going to be easy, fast and fun to use web based time tracking for everyone.

Of course you get to decide that for yourself in 14dayz if you join our beta testing effort.

Saul, thanks for a great blog and thanks for the write up.


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