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I ♥ Typography


ilovetypography.com_.png I ♥ Typography is the passion of John Boardley. A graphic designer and writer living in Japan. Like me John gets a total kick out of beautiful type. Check out his site for some mayor type design inspiration.


Vancouver to Amsterdam by Tube


Strange maps is a wonderful site, and so accurately named. I loved this map for a world wide subway system. It shows how the Design for the London underground subway map has set a standard for subway mapping. Great comments as well. (via Michael Bierut)



Election Day Graphics


Here is a selection of graphics from various Dutch media about yesterday's election results. Having a multi-party political system, doesn't make things simple.


De volkskrant has the most traditional graphics. A grey shadow shows last elections results.


ANP - Telegraaf - Dutch press agency ANP also has a traditional bar graph.


Trouw has a graph showing winners vs. losers besides more traditional bar graphs as well.


NRC Handelsblad has some animations showing the seat distribution in the parliament.


Nederland kiest - NOS Journaal - Nova The Dutch public broadcast association uses these cylinders. The outer jacket show last elections results, the inner jacket current results. Below is the current number of seats in parliament and below that number of seats won or lost by that party.


Dutch Design: Viktor & Rolf



Dutch fashion Designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren have teamed with Swedish fashion retailer H&M for its third high fashion collaboration. The cult label has appeared (and sold out) as a high street capsule collection for men and women in H&M stores across Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Items of the collection are already turning up for sale on Ebay and other classifieds and auctioning sites.


Do you have a logo for us? I need a professional logo now!

We're asked that question almost every week. That is why we're building logo4US. A place for you to buy a high quality logo and have it customized and delivered in industry standard formats, ready for web and print, almost overnight.

We're not building the shop ourselves, we're evaluating Shopify, a Web 2.0 shop service.

We've hand designed all the logo's in the shop and that is what matters in this project, getting professional high quality design to you quickly.

We'd love to get your feedback on our little shop so fire away. Browse the designs and we eagerly await your feedback or purchase!

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New Home



Serge has put up a new design for our web page. Check it out and tell us what you think. I hope we have some time to build it up a bit. At least the Design of the site now reflects what we do and who we are.


A nice AJAX throbber for you


Here's a nice AJAX throbber that I made. I have no particular use for it just now. The throbber is based on the zebra pattern in Photoshop. Some bevel and a lens flare make it look a bit like a marble. The movement is supposed to be that of a marble rolling in different directions. Remember Marble Madness? It is hard to capture that motion in Image Ready. For it to look like a real marble it needs smoother transition of movement in different directions. Like the sinoidal transition in scriptaculous. Image Ready knows only about linear transitions. Still, I think it's quite nice and I hope someone finds some good use for it.


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The animated B4AzebraThrobber.gif image above is licenced under the creative commons licence. You can use it anywhere you like, edit and modify it, as long as you share your modifcations under the same licence. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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