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As with all games there is winning and there is loosing. Not that any other countries' speed skating team would call getting the bronze medal on the speed skating team pursuit loosing. The Dutch team were the absolute favourites. They knew they had the strongest skaters. The coach could line up any combination of athletes and still have a team of winners. Then disaster strikes as silver medallist Sven Kramer steps on a block and takes a fall.

Such a small thing to come between you and victory. And sometimes that is just the way things happen. You fight against such things. Like we do. We look at every little detail and try to get it perfect. If we see room for improvement and if we think it can matter, we dig into it. However small. And still bad things happen. Bad luck.

Then do like the Dutch team did. Keep going. Keep your head up and try again. Even in the face of the huge dissapointment they had to swallow, the Dutch skaters dicide to take home the max of what that they can get: The Olympic Bronze Medal. Well done.


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